1. K

    Sunrise in Newfoundland

  2. DSCN0228.jpeg


    Sunset photographed with dawn/dusk filter.
  3. G

    Do you use the same settings for sunrise as you do for sunset?

    Do you use the same settings for sunrise as you do for sunset?
  4. Vieri

    Misty sunrises in Tuscany

    I will be going back again to Tuscany soon, so I thought I'd share a few image of those beautiful landscapes shrouded in mist, at sunrise, taken over the years: ...and one in B&W: Thank you for viewing & commenting, best regards Vieri
  5. Enjoying the sunrise

    Enjoying the sunrise

    Surfer waiting to catch his wave while enjoying the sunrise.
  6. Vieri

    Two from Iceland, while waiting to go back!

    Finally we can travel again around Europe with not too much hassle, and I can't wait to go back to Iceland in September as my first international trip after Covid forced me to stay in Italy for pretty much all the second half of 2020! In the meantime, here are two favourite spots of mine in...
  7. Vieri

    Two sunrises from the Isle of Skye

    This year, due to the infamous pandemic, for the first time in over a decade I didn’t go to the Isle of Skye in late winter, and I really missed it; I scheduled two trips in 2022 to compensate for that, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple of Skye sunrises with you. 1/5 sec, f/16...
  8. Vieri

    Reynisfjara, Iceland, near and far

    When I am working on the landscape, if the weather and the scene allows I love to experiment with different focal lengths, looking for compositions inside a composition. This is Reynisfjara, in Iceland, at sunrise on a stormy day: 4 seconds, Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and...
  9. Vieri

    Two lighthouses in Cornwall

    I love photographing Cornwall under all weather conditions, the Atlantic weather creates some amazing light shows - sometimes, the colours in the sky are so saturated that you actually need to tone them down in post-processing, rather than enhancing them. Trevose Head's Lighthouse, in...
  10. Vieri

    Two misty sunrises on the Tuscan hills

    I love Tuscany in every season, but especially so in the fall or spring, when mist can transform the landscape & the mood of your photos completely. Sunrise on the hills, 1/40 sec., Leica SL, Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm, Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Tuscan Sunrise, 1/50 sec...
  11. Vieri

    Two Icelandic waterfalls

    Waterfalls are a constant presence in Iceland, they grace the landscape with their presence pretty much everywhere you look. Some are more iconic than others, and among the iconic ones Kirkjufellsfoss and Skogafoss are definitely high on the list. Here they are, photographed in winter...
  12. Vieri

    Two Dolomites October sunrises

    The light at sunrise on the Dolomites in the fall is just beautiful, soft and smooth. Here two images taken at a day difference last year in mid-October at sunrise: 1/5 sec., Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 45mm, Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. 128 sec., Hasselblad X1D II...
  13. Jazz-Vinyl

    Just Peachy...

  14. Vieri

    Stair Hole at Sunrise, in Dorset

    Climbing up to the top of Stair Hole before sunrise, in the crisp air of the morning, is electrifying. Nature offering you a show like this makes the short but steep climb definitely worthwhile. 1.6 seconds with my Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters.⁠...
  15. Foxtrot_01

    Sunrise bikini beach shoot - settings?

    Hello all, I'm doing a bikini beach shoot early during sunrise and I wanted to get some advice on camera / flash settings. I'm using a Godox octabox 37.5 with a Yongnuo YN560 Speedlite to light the model and have the option of using a grid with the octabox and a polarizer filter. Using a Canon...
  16. Vieri

    St. Michael's Mount at sunrise

    Saint Michael's Mount, in Cornwall (UK), is a beautiful and extremely photogenic island, and one that contrarily to its more famous French homonym gets completely isolated at high tide. While normally photographed with its iconic causeway from close, I also love to portray it from the distance...
  17. Vieri

    Impromptu Dolomites sunrise

    One morning, on the Dolomites, driving back to the hotel after our sunrise session we saw some incredible light hitting a distant peak. We just had the time to stop, take the camera out and take a couple of shots, and the light was gone. I almost never shoot handheld, but this is one of the very...
  18. Vieri

    Lake Dobbiaco, Dolomites, before sunrise

    Besides the famous peaks, the Dolomites feature many small lakes, surrounded by the mountains and all very atmospheric and inspiring - either thanks to the ubiquitous fog, or because of the reflections they create - or both, like here. This is Lake Dobbiaco before sunrise, 102 seconds of...
  19. Destin

    Some recent sunrise photos

    Hey ya'll. Found a couple of days over the last several weeks to get out and shoot some sunrises, and had some great luck with conditions cooperating. Wanted to share a few images that I'm reasonably happy with. C&C always welcome. All images shot on the fuji X-T3 with the 10-24. Images 1 and...
  20. Vieri

    Sunrise at Passo Giau, Dolomites

    I just finished to process my 2019 pictures from my beloved Dolomites, and I decided to start sharing images with one of my favourite locations there. This is Passo Giau, a truly inspiring place offering many different compositions, photographed here at sunrise. 2.5 seconds exposure with my...