1:1 MACRO, the Fly.


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Oct 4, 2010
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Just clownin around.
Weathers nasty, nothing going on out there.
Just wanted to shoot something.
When opportunity knocks, I answer the door.

Yes, I am LightSpeed alright.
PS, I already know what's wrong with it.
PS, I already know what's wrong with it.

Good! The fact that you are able to be objective with your photos and own up to your mistakes shows me real growth and potential!! LOL j/k

But seriously, looks really really good!!!
love the photo.

i'll give you half credit, because even though he's looking the wrong way.... you get credit for the 4000 lenses that are looking at the camera :)

still just amazed at the zooms you guys manage to capture.
Can I have a go at an edit???? I could have fun with this :p
I like Flies! Flies like Lightspeed! :) :p

Oh boy and here comes Gipson .............again.
Ok Gipson, I see where this is going. Don't make me pull out the big guns.

By the way Gipson, you've been somewhat of an inspiration to me.
I now have a reason to be better than you. My life is not only complete, but it is ON Gipson.
Though it make take a lifetime for me to achieve this goal, to for once, put a better image on the photo forum than you.
This is not for lack of effort Gipson. I have been out gunned. And I have been forced to upgrade.
Thanks to you. Especially you.

I have LIGHT on the way Gipson, and you are in trouble.

Can I have a go at an edit???? I could have fun with this :p

You already know the answer to that.
Go ahead..

I didn't do much to it after I saw the blown areas.
That's what I get for trying to bring the subject out. But then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE......the blown areas seem to be the result of dead foliage which didnt have any color in it, anymore.
I also flashed in from the cameras on board flash, which sure as hell didnt help anything.
Without adding horrid artifacts, I can tell by looking at it, that it can't be saved.
she cropped it.

And brightened it.

Doesn't look bad.

Tanks - from LightSpeed
hmmm...............I think it looks better than Gipsons fly.
Now that rose has fixed it.

Look at this shyt...............I have created a monster.
Yes folks..........just call me MR. mentor.

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