$1000 budget. what to get?


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Jan 26, 2007
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im going to be doing some non-photography related work next week that should result in around $1000 (~730 usd) and im planning on investing it in some lighting and a fisheye.

so i was wondering what flash/s and fisheye i should get. i was thinking perhaps a vivitar 285hv for the flash, but im not sure on the fisheye, the tokina 10-17 is a bit too expensive and the peleng 8mm doesnt seem the best in quality.
does anyone have experience with either of these lenses? how is the performance of the peleng? should i just wait and save up for the tokina?

and before you start going on about how a fisheye is a special effect lens and i should get a wide angle instead, i already know i want a fisheye, and i want to get into skate photography so its pretty essential i have a fisheye for that.

any other recommendations for what i should blow my money on would be appreciated.
any other recommendations for what i should blow my money on would be appreciated.

A "gentleman's club" is always a good way to blow money. However, since you want photography equipment, I'd go for that.
I'm not intimately familiar with skate photography so I'm not sure if you need a longer or shorter fisheye.

Shorter: Sunex rules them all. 5.6mm f/5.6 fixed aperture, gets everything in super-sharp focus. Read:
Sunex 5.6mm Fisheye
Sunex | 5.6mm f/5.6 SuperFisheye Fixed Focus Lens | DSLR01C

For a longer fisheye, I'd stick with Canon's 15mm f/2.8 offering but they appear to be out of stock. Sigma's pretty much your only other choice, same 15mm f/2.8 though.

In any case, when working with a fisheye you definitely want to read this:
i use a 40d (1.6 crop), would 15mm make much of a 'fishy' effect?

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