1st engagement shoot C&C welcome (with open arms )


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Dec 11, 2011
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Portland, OR
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Fun couple combined with no rain in Oregon on a March Saturday morning made for a fun shoot. Here are some for C&C.




#4 (two tracks becoming one and two individuals coming together in marriage.......kinda corny but it fit)

I like!!! they look so in peace and happy... The day was not so beautiful but anyway I think the colors make them see nicely done! In the last one maybe you cut too much the legs? I would love see it more enterely.
Thanks for the feedback stanza.
Same pic not cropped:
I've been told when cropping if you show the knees you show the feet. Same with arms. If you show the elbows show the hands. Don't know if that's right in all the cases.
Makes sense, if the joint shows then show the distal/rest of the limb. I will remember that.
it seems in 2 and 3 the focus is a tad off maybe its the jpeging yes that is a word
in #1 with hz lines make sure those stairs are parallel with the bottom of the frame
Could have used flash, or at least a reflector to fill shadows in the faces.... particularly bad on #1 and #2! Flash would have made the colors more intense.. POP more!

Tighter crop on #4.. or at least clone out the pole subject left! Flash would have allowed you to keep the sky darker.. but looks like it was heavily overcast anyway.

#5... crop it to a standard size.. say 11x14 and it looks pretty good.. don't cut off the feet or heads. I would post a shot, but you have DON'T EDIT turned on.

You need to remember that if people are going to frame these.. you need to crop them all to a size that people can find frames for. Straight out of the camera won't do! And since you frame some of them pretty tight, you are going to have problems with that.
I changed my edit status. The feet are off in #5 but the heads are there. It was supposed to be a close up, should I have cropped closer? So by standard crop I should not use the crop that says "do not constrain"? I should pick one of the standards from the drop down?
Which aspect ratio is a good all around for cropping? Do you need a different ratio for every different size print? So far these have all fit the compliance for all needed prints (thru WHCC) but some were a little close.
Cropping depends on what size prints they buy.. so you have to make sure that the shots you deliver are going to be able to be sized to whatever they order. I usually proof at 11x14 just for convenience...


Here is a 11x14 crop on #5 if you want a full shot... Looks better than the crop above...


the way they are spread out on this shot.. hard to do a decent closeup! You might could go vertical.. but her knee looks odd in a vertical crop. If she had her knee down, and he had his arms around her.. that would have been a sweet vertical close-up. As it is, you are limited...
Thanks for the crop ratios, i will def hang on to that chart and use a more standard crop from now on.
Could have used flash, or at least a reflector to fill shadows in the faces.... particularly bad on #1 and #2! Flash would have made the colors more intense.. POP more!.

Since there would be no wall to bounce flash in lieu of a reflector would you have flash (diffused of course) straight on subject?
For future shoots, pay attention to distracting backgrounds. The train track one would be better with a more shallow DOF to get rid of the road on the left side, or at least make it less distracting. Just my peon observation :)

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