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Dec 1, 2015
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The more pictures i take the more i realize how not so in focus they are on the computer. Im not sure if my shutter speed isnt high enough or, im just out of focus. I usually almost always use auto focus. So im going to assume i have the settings a bit off. Here are some pictures i snapped of the spawn this morning.

Im noticing with the 35mm lens the noses seem to be a bit out of focus regardless of what f/ i use. on the last 2 i was attempting to get his eye color on point but yet again, his nose was out of focus.


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You can verify the point of focus using your camera display or editing software.

I can't view the EXIF, nor the point of focus.

Just looking at the photos, it looks as if the depth of field is very narrow, so you've got only a thin slice of your subject in focus.
I pulled these off my Facebook since I'm at work and bored lol. I put the f/ 3-4 clicks up on these but maybe it just wasn't enough. I tested the focus on a stationary object compared to my 18-55mm lense it seemed the same. So I'm going to claim my inexperience.

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