2 pictures from a session today- Critique pls


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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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it was a really fun shoot



And here's a blooper lol: my assistant almost dropping the diffuser due to high speed winds!
A refreshing break from having to make a giant list of obvious faults... Nice work. And tell the model I said nice cheetah print. :lol: Not sure if that's supposed to be showing or not, I assume not. Either way she is very pretty. I don't PARTICULARLY care for the first one, just because of the frizzy hair that is kind of distracting, with the reflections off of it. The second is pretty awesome. Third is funny, thanks for including it. :)
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thanks! she kept trying to hide the cheetah print but it kept popping out:lol:
Yeah the hair was a bit frizzy. it was sooooooo windy. my diffuser/reflector is 48" diameter so it was pretty much a sail in the wind. shoot went well overall.
was testing my L-358 i got today
These are nice. I have to say my favorite one is actually the last one. Just because I love the smile on her face. If she had her eyes open on that one, I would say crop it, and clone the diffuser out.
Second one is great, the lighting in the third is a bit off, I'd like to see her a bit brighter and the background a bit darker, and yeah the hair is a bit distracting but wind can do that.

Good job.
Good job although I'd watch out for the bra on #2 but everything is good

As for the 3rd.....he already said it's a blooper shot so why would he try to PP it??
The print showing really makes them not acceptable. No way a pro would not notice for one and he would definitely get it fixed. One of the first things I do is look for stuff like this before I start. Sure photoshop works , but why give yourself more work .
relax doitallman lol. great pictures though and im glad you included the blooper pic.

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