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Jun 28, 2014
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Question one is is there a search button on this site I haven't seen one?
Question two is, a friend has a canon t5i and somehow she has gotten a eyelash in the viewfinder.....how does this happen and how can she get it out?

Q1 = The "Forums" drop-down menu

Q2 = due to pixel peeping ... seriously now, are you sure it is within the viewfinder ?
Q2: just leave it.
Probably time for a full cleaning. It is an easy DIY, :D
The viewfinder probably has a rubber mount around it to cushion the user's eye from the hard plastic of the camera. Make sure the eyelash is not wedged under the soft rubber of the mount. It simply slides off. Check the owner's manual.
Q1. It's on the menu bar at the top of the screen: "Mark Forums Read, Search Forums . . . :" as well as a "Search" window on the right end of that bar. (Skin TPF Red V1)

Q2. If it's in (or on) the viewfinder, it won't affect any photos. Leave it there - it could be used to help identify the camera in case it gets stolen. ;)

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