2nd attempt in manual..CC away please!


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Aug 7, 2010
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San Diego, California
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All I could think about this week was my poor brand new camera sitting in its bag all alone, while I was busy doing chemistry/physiology homework. :( Finally I had some time to spare this weekend, so me and the fam headed out to the park. I got alittle shooting time in before my baby started sreaming his head off and we had to head back to the car. Please CC away, thanks! :D




I love taking some time out of a hectic week to take some pictures.

I really like #4. The crop you did for this photo is great.
The third and fourth are my favs.

With the 3rd though the framing looks a little off; I'd crop tighter towards the main subject area.

The 4th is really nice; wouldn't change anything.
#4 is nice but the colors look blown out on the flowers. Maybe it's the contrast? Either way I would like to see more detail in the flower.
I love wide cropped shots. I maybe do too many of them, but it's a fresh change of pace to see them sometimes instead of the portrait/landscape/square crops.
Thanks so much for all of your input. And to think I almost didn't take the 4th one because I had to get super close to the edge of the pond, that me & my camera were almost in the water. I only took this one shot of it so I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out.

Anyone else have any CC on these? I'm still learning & all of your comments continue to help me improve. Thanks again, it's much appreciated!:D
Just wanted to say nice shots, the last 2 mostly. No real c&c on those two.. looks like you're doing things right there.

The first 2 are a bit busy, kinda weak in the composition department. But you were using manual settings and you did pretty well, save for some blown petals. The light was harsh, so it's kinda hard I suppose - and everything else in the photo looks right (exposure wise). I like to shoot in RAW, being careful not to over or underexpose, and fix bright or dark areas on the pc after.

Keep it up

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