2nd time doing street photog


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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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I've been saving gas so I don't go out much lately. I decided to do a cheap photo walk and thought these came out considering my lack of experience. Thought I'd post :)


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They are both good as casual street photography.

The first one is especially good! I love it.
The first one works very well. The eye contact is great and the composition/reflections/motion blur all serve to make it almost abstract.

To be honest, I'm a bit lukewarm about the second. For me, street photography has to have some very strong visual elements and/or a story. I think your first images has both and that's why it works. But the second one...it's not bad, but just feels a bit flat. Some things to think about: What prompted you to want to take this shot? Was it because the man was looking at the woman? That's sort of a story. But what else is interesting about two people crossing the street? Are there strong shadows or lines, or strong visual interest in the person's outfit or facial expression or body language? Are they doing something or interacting in a way that might be more noteworthy?

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