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May 10, 2013
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For this thread I have 3 nature photos I shot on my trip to Ithaca. Comment on your likes and dislikes

1. This one is named "Dragon" and I was excited when I saw that piece of wood on a mountain path of Ithaca. It reminded me the Chinese dragons. I chose the point of view so the rock in the frontground hides a part of the wood that didn't resemble a "dragon part" and at the same time the head of the dragon to have a green backround for contrast.

Dragon by jckars, on Flickr

2. This is a locust that almost posed for me for a few shots before it jumped away...to my wife's bag :) The outcome wasn't funny since she was telling me to send it away..but I wanted those photos :)

Locust by jckars, on Flickr

3. I liked the texture and the color on this shot.. eventhough now that I'm posting it I feel is not processed correctly to give the colors I remember

Ancient tree by jckars, on Flickr

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