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Feb 21, 2012
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Pensacola, fl
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Hello I am kinda new to photography I have been a fan for a long time and have done it on and off for a while but now Im serious so I decided what better way then to start a 365. So here are my first four days. Please be critical thats how I learn.

Here are the first four.




the first one is boring, straight up. It'd be better if you showed around the area so you can see where it is and whats around it.
the third one is kinda boring too, pick better subject matter. That sign doesnt mean much to anyone..
the fourth one would have been way better if you backed up a bit and showed more of the steps.
Thanks I do agree my very interesting the steps didn leave me much room but I can see what your saying maybe wider angle perhaps. Any tips or examples of what would make better subjects? Like I said in new so it's gonna take me a while. Thanks for the words
Here is the photo for day 5. I also plan on doing the photo assignments and thoe may show up here as well. Let me know what you think. For the record I realize I made a mistake covering up parts in the sign but I will remember that next time. Any advice is welcome.
You realise that 2012 is a leapyear so this will have to be a 366 project, which is infinitely cooler.
I like #2.

#5 could maybe use a crop and some editing. The spots in the sky are really distracting.
Haha ok well I guess I will need to call it my 366 project. What would you guys recommend as editing software? Also if you have any recommendations for subjects to shoot? Or should I just look i the assignments. I have been playing with shooting into the sun but I have not quite got that one figured out so maybe in time I can post one of those.
Actually i like the first one; the gray goes well with green; have you thought of placing a flower by the side?
Second one is nothing special, yet i just don't feel like dismissing it away
i am not fascinated by the third.....
i really like the fourth; i feel a vertical cropping would have been better and that would make The Cross the prime object here
The fifth is not having a stern point of interest...and the framing could have been better.....

Regards :D
Here is my shot for day 6. Overcast day. Wide open at about 3200

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