4:00am and bored (bracketing sort of)

Discussion in 'Landscape & Cityscape' started by LokiZ, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Hadn't really played with the bulb function on this camera yet so since I now have a remote decided to give it a try. The image was captured using a bracketing of sorts I took three shots, just varied the time the shutter was locked open. I ended up using the middle exposure for the sky and the longest exposer for the foreground. It was a light rain as well so the image was captured from under our porch roof.

    For a first time I was not too disappointed. It was basically very dark out when the shot was taken. When I showed the picture to my wife and told her the time I had taken the picture she just said "I have noticed the sunrises have been earlier and earlier lately" :)


    Any comments welcome...how you would, what could be better, what you liked, Questions?

    Info for the main image the only difference for the image used on the sky would be shutter speed which was 48 rather then 105

    File Name IMG_1751.CR2
    Camera Model Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
    Shooting Date/Time 8/20/2007 4:18:23 AM
    Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
    Tv( Shutter Speed ) 105
    Av( Aperture Value ) 8.0
    Metering Mode Evaluative Metering
    ISO Speed 1600
    Lens 18.0 - 55.0 mm
    Focal Length 18.0 mm
    Image Quality RAW
    Flash Off
    White Balance Mode Daylight
    AF Mode Manual focusing
    Parameters Settings Contrast Mid. High
    Sharpness High
    Color saturation Standard
    Color tone 0
    Color Space sRGB
    Noise Reduction Off
    File Size 8653 KB
    Drive Mode Self-Timer Operation

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    So I take it there actually WAS no sunrise at the time, and the light is light that filtered through or along the cloud cover from street lights and other town lights and - with the very long exposure - lightened your photos? Cool sight. The garden in deep slumber.

    I cannot say much about your HDR technique, all I can say is that what I see here - and knowing the story of the "making-of" of what I see - I like it! I wish I had the chance to try my hands at something similar, but at 4 in the morning you are VERY unlikely to see me anywhere outside (my bed - not to mention the house!) :D.

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