4 Landscapes...all taken in Israel


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Jan 12, 2008
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I like the last one. Is it Mt. Shchoret near Eilat?

The last is the best. I think they'd all have benefited from the inclusion of something that gave us a better sense of the scale of the landscapes.

Regards, Tony
well in the last i have some telephone poles and rocks and tress and stuff..so you can see the mountain is huge.......and the 1st i have some bushes and stuff..but yeah the mountain is much bigger than at the angle i took the picture at
The tilted strata in the 4th shot is very cool. I'd feel right at home there.

Ok, the 'mountain' in the 4th shot, it was probably formed by fault action (earthquakes) shoving/tilting layers (strata) formed by sediments (dirt/mud) that once made up an ocean floor over millions of years. The jagged edges of the mountain may indicate that this movement was relatively recent (maybe last 8-12 million years ago). The ocean beds may have been formed long before (maybe 100-200 million years ago). I'm not real sure about the time scale, but something like that. If you look at a seismic activity map of the area I'm fairly certain you'll find a faultline there.

If you look closely (I mean walking around on it and checking it out up close) at the 'strata' you may be able to find fossils of small marine animals that lived millions of years ago that died and left an imprint on the rock. Identifying what type of animals these are would help date the rock as to when it was part of an ocean (or inland sea) floor.

I live in the Mojave Desert in California. The desert here is a result of collisions and stresses of landforms and rocks dating from as far back as the creation of the super continent Pangea as well as countless other geological proceses, seismic events and volcanic activity. Somewhat of a 'micro' desert shows this in a relatively miniature scale at a place called Rainbow Basin.


So anyhow, geologically speaking, I think I'd be right at home there.

Probably botanically too. Do you live there? I've heard that the Joshua tree exists only in two places on earth; the Mojave Desert, and Israel. I'd love to see photos of the weird trees from there. Here the scientific name is Yucca brevifolia.


Ungainly, but IMO wonderful and unique. Got some pics of any?
woah...so much information...damn i should have gone round and looked for fossils.....yeah i didnt see any around that area....the joshua tree is probably in deep southern israel..that mountain was in like southcentral...

yeah i was only there for a vacation

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