4 of Marissa... which is portfolio worthy?


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Nov 12, 2006
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Foot chops in all of them. Option 5?
Probably 4 but they are all just a little lackluster. Who's portfolio, yours or the model's?
Honestly, I think that none of them are portfolio worthy. I've seen your other stuff, and frankly, these do not match up to the standards you've shown us before. Besides the foot chops, the technical values are a bit off, and the lines in shots 2 and 4 lead the viewer's eyes directly away from the model, and right out of the composition. I think shot #3 HAD the greatest potential, but her feet are chopped off, and there's a huge amount of head space above her, that does absolutely nothing to advance the photo: this shot is a good example of breaking a cardinal rule, and then including dead space that COULD have been utilized, and thus preventing the breaking of the cardinal rule of not amputating at the joints...

I WANT to like shot #3, but her head is so close to the right side of the frame, her arm is badly over-exposed, and that strong,strong shadow/highlight/shadow set of lines in the background leads me right,straight out of the image. I feel like the only reason it's in B&W is that the arm was so badly burned out and detail-free that you were forced to convert from RGB to B&W. Shot #4 suffers from the same sabotaging background, with the eye being lead to a wall-mounted air conditioner, then right out of the frame.
Very tight area we shot in, but boy things like foot chops just don't bother me anymore. Thanks guys!
Thanks guys! :)
#2 and then #4

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