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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Unimaxium, Jun 16, 2005.

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    It finally happened! As of the time of this posting, there are now 5,004 members. From checking the member list, it looks like the 5,000th member is obliquegeek, who registered some time today. Congrats Chase!

    EDIT: Actually, it looks the 5,000th member might actually be Eyecatcher, who for some reason doesn't show up on the member list. I found this member's profile by changing the number at the end of the URL from 4999 (which is the number for obliquegeek) to 5000 after I noticed that obliquegeek's number wasn't 5000. Strangely, in the member list, it jumps right from member #4999 to member #5001, leaving out Eyecatcher. You can see for yourself here by looking at the URL for each member. So now I'm confused as to whether it is obliquegeek (#4999), Eyecatcher (#5000), or aussie (#5001) who is actually the true 5,000th member.

    Edit #2: Ok, Eyecatcher is now appearing in the member list. So it seems that this is the true 5,000th member. Congrats to Eyecatcher!

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    hip hip hooooray!!!

    congrats to everyone!
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    now if all 5000 would post :lol:
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    This thread is so ...like... 5 members ago. :D
    Congrats to Chase "the man of few words" and all the mods and admin who have been there for so many of us. Some I havent seen in some time and others you can't get rid of like a case of herpies. You guys are the best and it shows!!!

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