5d mark 3


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Jan 30, 2012
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Does Anybody have heard about a cost of 5d mark3? Cause Im hesitating to buy 5d mark2 or 3. If the price is not really different, absolully ill go mark3. Any idea?
This camera doesn't exist yet
The MkII price keeps dropping as the MkIII release gets closer.. So, no, by the time it comes out I imagine the price will be vastly different. MkII is $2k now isn't it?
I just bought one for $2199 with the rebate. I think the rebate ends on Feb 4th so it'll go back up a little bit, but it seems like the prices are continuously dropping. I think the 5D Mk3 is going to start significantly higher.
I am thinking $3k plus when it does come out.
My guess is $3199 at introduction.

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