8 Week Old Owl - Olive


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Aug 22, 2015
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I would love some feedback on the angles, cropping, and any editing that would enhance the photos. I am in the process of putting a portfolio together, hence the tag line on each photo, sometimes it doesn't bother me being there other times I would love to crop it out. Opinions?
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Man do I love Barn Owls. The 2nd shot, having the wings completely cropped off doesn't help. I know it's hard composing captive animals, trying to avoid as much of the restraints as possible, but you don't want to crop off any of the body parts unless you're doing just a portrait- head only.
Unfortunately, this was not cropped much. I was taking a profile shoot (the first one), when she lifted her wings...the actual shot does not show her full span. Thanks for the input, I was hesitant about putting that one in, I think I will pull it.
Do you have any other backdrop? The color of this backdrop doesn't flatter the owl.
This was another angle I had on Olive.


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As others have said, it can be tricky, I try to avoid having the restraints in the final image. I personally don't mind the wings being clipped, except the barnie is looking down so the eyes are lost in the shadows...
I work closely with a raptor rehab/educational NPO and I have done a few photoshoots there. You can look through my albums on flickr to perhaps give you inspiration..
A Place Called Hope Spring Photo shoot 2015
APCH 2014
Coastalconn - Thank-you for sharing. WOW!!! Looking at the angles you used were inspirational. I was so lost with the wings, that I did not notice the eyes.

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