A breif visit to the train yard


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Mar 12, 2010
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So, I stopped at the train yard the other day and thought I'd grab a few, these seemed to be the best ones that I've gone through so far. let me know what you think, C&C is welcome...

The background feels a little flat here, I might try to bring it out a little more when I get some time...

I liked how the train cars just extended into the vanishing point on this one. I got a few from this area that I haven't looked at closely yet too, so there might be a better composition in there somewhere too.
Very nice :thumbup:
Did you do any post processing?
thanks guys.

the first one needed a little more PP than the second. I had to adjust the background separately from the foreground in that one, it was moderately cloudy so the trains were exposed how I wanted, but that big shadow on the mountains in the back caused some issues (although I like how the shadow on the mountain brings out the train engine so I didn't want to totally remove it), as well as some blown out portions of the snow on the mountain...but I think I can do it a little better than what I got.

the second one I didn't do much to, slight straightening, I actually de-saturated it just a tiny bit because the sky blue was just overpowering, and removed some vignetting. thats about it.
I think they are great...especially the second.
I love the colors in the first photo!
yeah, they were shot just prior to sunset, so it does bring out the yellows a bit, WB wasn't altered in post, but it's actually pretty accurate to what everything was like. I'll have to try selectively lowering the yellow a little and see, I'm at work right now and these monitors suck, so all the colors don't look too great, so I'll have to try it out tomorrow when I have a chance
So I tried lowering the yellow saturation, and I like the result, thanks for the suggestion Tirediron


lowered yellows:
its a subtle change when you look at it side by side, its more pronounced when you overlay them and switch between the two. but I think is a good improvement.
I literally can't see the difference between the two...
I literally can't see the difference between the two...

I know, it's hard to see when they are separated like that, here's a sample of the vanishing point from each, which makes it a little easier to see, original on the left, lowered yellows on the right:

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