a brief moment

On my cell but I'm loving the color. The light hitting the bird is perfect. I'd straighten it a bit though.
Color is absolutely critical to the success of this image....I would really work hard in software to play up the light on the upper reaches of the building.
@Paigew, I've tried straightening it before, but it actually looks a bit odd IMO. The slantedness actually adds a bit of dynamic character. Here's the "straightened" version for comparison, though.

IMG_1506-Edit by Jeffrey Lee, on Flickr
Well, people work hard at targeting photos to a certain type of audience for a certain type of response. What you see is what you get. I like the color one. Why does the Black and White one look like that?
I agree that I like the color much better on this one. I might try to whiten the bird a little bit - not selective color extreme. Just enough to make it pop a little more from the background.

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