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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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Have not posted anything new here for a little over a week. I have been out and about taking photo's and doing alot of reading.
As most of you are aware i am useing a Nikon D5000 My 1st ever DSLR that i got for my birthday last month.
I am curious as to what your comments are on these particular Photographs.
Thank you so much.




take it easy with the PP. The first one is too obstructed but I still like it. The other 3 would be better if you decreased the saturation some on the reds.
This sort of post-processing is very much personal taste; it is however, not my taste as I find it very artificial looking. I think you have some nice scenes there, and would suggest a more moderate, conservative processing routine, as well as a leveling of #1.
I really like 2 and 4. I agree on the comments about 1 and 3. Nice shots but the post-processing is a little much.
Like 2,4 nice pics :)
Thank you so much for the feed back everyone...As far as 1 & 3 i was just experimenting with my Photo shop....I actually kinda like em but that is just my personal preference i guess.....;)

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