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Aug 17, 2015
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Lynwood, Ca
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How's it going guys, I am new here and these are some of the images I have taken over the last year or so.
I would love to know what you guys think. Thank you


  • _MOI8515.JPG
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  • _MOI7892.JPG
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  • _MOI8410.JPG
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  • _DSC6163.jpg
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  • _DSC6785.jpg
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  • _DSC6573.jpg
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  • _MOI7107.jpg
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  • _MOI7417.jpg
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  • _MOI7126.jpg
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  • _MOI7115.jpg
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I think that's more than "a couple".
Nice work - #6573 could use less foreground; #7417 is probably my favorite.

A couple of tips on posting pictures: upload the image files to your gallery. In the gallery, click on the Share option above the image, copy the URL that appears in the window labeled, "Here is direct link of this photo". Go back to your post, click on the "Image" icon and paste the URL to the window that pops up.

It seems like there should be an easier way - or at least an easier way to remember.

You'll find that the post gets really long if you put up a bunch of pictures this way, so it's best to keep it to one or two. People have a hard time processing more than two at a time, anyway.
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