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Jan 20, 2016
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Picked up cheap dslr and kit lenses on eBay (nikon d60 18-55 55-200) to take pictures of my vintage bicycle projects. Before I knew it I was playing around with it here and there and have grown pretty fond of shooting around and learning about photography. Ive been using manual mode since day one with it and have a pretty firm grasp on the basics and fundamentals. I am learning a lot and absorbing as much as I can to apply it when I do get a chance to get out and shoot. Any good articles or videos that you'd recommend for someone in my stage of learning id be interested in checking them out. Heres a few of my favorite pictures ive taken over the last 9 months or so that ive had the camera. Id love some feedback, critique, and guidance. Thanks.





Nothing in particular, but I always Google for blogs and videos on YouTube. There are so many styles out there that I can't imagine you'll ever stop learning. I sure don't. Heck, I even watch the basics from time to time to check myself. But if I had to be specific, start learning off camera flash, studio lighting, natural lighting, and post processing.
... But if I had to be specific, start learning off camera flash, studio lighting, natural lighting, and post processing.

Thanks, I was just watching videos on these exact subjects. Very eye opening stuff but much more to learn. Excited to apply it.
I like #3 and 4. Keep shooting!
I like the first one. It looks like the yellow on the wall got onto the bike!
I agree with some of the posters above. I really like 3 and 4 as is.

I think your last photo could be really nice with some post processing -- increasing the exposure just a tiny bit to bring some more of the color out of the sky and some more definition to the foreground. I love the fact that you got the bird into the picture -- it'd be great to see some more detail in it.
In the first foto try to not cut the subject, the bicycle is cut, and the last one has no sense ( in my opinion), there are just some black feathers,love the 4th one.You could crop the 4th one.
Thanks everyone.

I actually really like how the bicycle is cut off...that was kind of the point. I wanted to capture the colors of the backround in relation to the colors of the bike, which I think I did well.

The last picture is a sillouett of two humming birds on a branch. Again on purpose. It was so dark and I was shooting into the light I knew I would not be able to get the detail in so I went this way with it.

Here are a few more from the same spots.





yep, #4 Crop it from the right at least to the brick wall. Hang in there, looks like you have a good start.

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