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Dec 8, 2005
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West London, UK
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I've not done too much photography since christmas, mainly due to my shoulder (see below) but I did pop over to Florida for a week, getting home last thursday so thought I'd share some...

Didn't spend as much time out shooting this time, probably a day and a half in total if that...plus been struggling with a trapped nerve in my shoulder so that was slowing me right down. However, I got a few shots that I liked so thought I'd share a few of them with you :)

I got a couple of shots that are what I class as 'proper shots', i.e. not just a simple portrait or bird on a stick type stuff...

This alligator was sitting in some pretty ugly looking water (read as dull, reflecting grey skies and very choppy from the wind) near some fishermen at Loxahatchee Reserve which is part of the Everglades. I took a few shots but the water just looked awful and distracting so I decided to experiement a little to make the most of the situation. I went for a slow shutter to try and smooth it out a little, lose some of the light reflections it was creating in the waves and give a slightly more surreal feel with that misty look where he meets the water - rather than defined lines. Took loads of shots as the gator was moving in the water a little so had many attempts to get him sharp!...oh and that's a Red Tailed Pennant on its head I believe.


D3 with 200-400 VR, 1/5 second, 340mm, ISO 200, f25, resting on the edge of the concrete path about 3 foot above water level (the fishermen assured me it was safe..!!)

Great Blue Heron at sunset. I was taking long exposure shots of the beach at Siesta Key on the West Coast, after sunset. I spotted this GBH further up the beach and thought nothing of it as my 200-400 was back in the car and I was shooting with my 50mm. However, after about 15 minutes the Heron flew over and landed right in front of me! He was standing quite still at times as he scanned his prey so I tried to get a long exposure with him in it. He never stood still long enough for the exposures but this was the closest he came, so he is just slightly translucent - it bothered me at first but now I almost think it adds something?! I just like the shot for it's colours and the fact it shows the enviroment the bird lives in...not a bad life fishing in the Gulf of Mexico every evening eh! lol

50mm, 13 seconds, f14, ISO 200


Gator reflection in the Everglades. Taken along a back road trail.

The rest is quite standard issue stuff (i.e. bird on a stickl)
Turkey Vulture in the Everglades. Basking in a typical late afternoon sun. The light really does go the most incredible golden colour just before sunset, every single day!!


Little Blue Heron.


Red Shoulder Hawk


Another Great Blue Heron


So, not as productive as my last trip but still nice to get out with the camera (even though I almost left it at home due to the shoulder!).

All very nice captures the 2nd and the 3rd are my favorites good work
Holy Toledo, what a beautiful series of shots! That first one is beautifully 'creepy' and sinister with the way you have him emerging from the murky waters. I love the light on the turkey vulture and hawk, and the two heron shots are gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing these with us
Nice series. I wouldn't want to be in the murky water with that gator. Thanks for sharing!
Whoa, for the "Gator Reflection" photo alone it had been worth the while going to Florida. I think. Coolest!
What you did to "beat" the murky waters is also really inspiring!
Too bad I decided AGAINST going to Florida with my daughter in April. Now she'll go there on her own (i.e. with her swim team). I'll miss out on many good photo ops. Well, I'll find myself different ones...
These are great. I especially like the first 3. Amazing how the gator sat still long enough for a long exposure to work. Or now that I look at it, that water must have been really rough to get that much softness with just 1/5 s shutter speed.

Too bad the gator in the reflections wasn't fresh out of the water. Wet skin would have showed better in the photo I think. Still a fantastic capture though.

I haven't been to Florida in almost 20 years, time to go back I think. I have to convince my parents or in-laws to spend winters there.

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