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A few recent portraits for C&C. Thank You.

They don't really do anything for me but they aren't bad. The lighting in 1 and 2 is nice, but the lack of emotion or interaction makes them a little dull. 3 is a cute snapshot, 4 almost looks soft in the eyes(?), and I wish I could see more of his face and that semi-sneer hes got going on. The crop is really close too, I'm not sure thats helping the image composition. But its better than the first two with a connection with viewer.
Just some thoughts :D
The crappy part about working with kids is that you usually can't have them stand long enough to setup nice enough lighting that you could :( as can be seen in the last pic (unless you intentionally went for split lighting).
#1 and #2 i'd shoot vertically.
But exposure and color seem good.

Good Luck
4 kinda scares me...

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