A few snaps from our cottage


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Aug 29, 2010
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1 Where we eat

Hytta - spisebordet by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

2 Where we relax

Hytta - stovebordet by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

3 Where we get dressed/undressed

Gangen by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

4 Where we cook

Kjøkenet by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

5 Where some sleep

Kammerset by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

6 View from a small hill

Utsikt nedover dalen by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

Thanks for watching :) Comments always welcome. These were just some quick snaps, though, with a little digital tweaking ;)
Nice to see! it is small but seems comfo. love the small kitchen!
No water except from a stream, no electricity except from a recent solarpanel that powers a few small lamps and a recently installef vacuum toilet. Wood for heat and a propane kitchen stove.
Simple yet sufficient. It's nice to get away from technology; it forces you to be creative.
I'm kind of in love with #4, too. I also have a thing for galleys on boats and gimbaled stoves.:thumbsup:

Looks like a cozy spot with an unbelievable view.
Awesome shots! I want one of these so bad, but in the colorado mountains. Actually, I'll take one where you are too...
More shots coming soon, once I have edited them!
The view is spectacular. The kitchen is charming with the beautiful blue cabinets and shelving. Looking forward to seeing more photos of this lovely cottage.
This is a perfect vacation. Where is this?
Just outside Voss village in Norway, up a valley.

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