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    I hope that this post is appropriate for this section of the forum, I am sure if it’s not someone shall let me know.

    I have started a business both on and offline which enables me to produce 3d Digital Catalogues and this can be for any type of product or service.

    One facet of my work is creating 3d Photo Albums which I believe is a more pleasing to the eye way of viewing your photos.

    These albums can incorporate your photos and also sound/video can also embedded within the album.

    The finished file can be uploaded to the internet, emailed as a standalone program, burnt to cd/dvd etc. If your album is of a commercial nature, a price attached it can be produced in this format giving potential customers free viewing of a certain amount of the album and to obtain the full album then a screen would advise the customer they now need to pay to view the remainder.

    I did one for a photographer who is located in Germany, his name is Matthias Pabst, it can be viewed at the following site: Matthias

    This particular album has been downloaded and viewed just over 900 times since it was uploaded on 20th of December 2006. It is a rather large file, 8mb as it contains 72 of his photos. To view this file you shall need to download the DNL Reader first.

    As I said previously I have stated a business producing this type of 3d Catalogue/Book/Albums and my website address where you can see more of what I do is DigyCat Another photo album I put together is available on the website.

    Albums can be varied and I can tailor it to your specific requirements.

    I hope you have a few minutes to view this alternative means of viewing your favorite pictures.




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