A Mom & Her Boys :)

May 24, 2013
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$DSC04313.jpg$DSC04349.jpg$DSC04367.jpgI'm new at this! :) Please feel free to critique my photos as it will help me to improve! Thanks!
Just a quick thought: Consider using fill light to help balance against ambient, reduce feature-less skies and make the subjects 'pop' a little more.
The white balance is way off. The yellow skin color makes them look sick.

Loose logo, its like your making it the subject of the image and not the people.
If you are new, then hopefully you are not shooting professionally. So why do you feel you need a watermark / logo at this stage of your photography?

Very brief C&C

#1.. face is way too bright (do you have a calibrated monitor? If not, you might want to look into it! Skin tones are off also.. too yellow / green)
#2.. why didn't you shoot this vertically and include moms face... instead of half a mom? (skin tones are off)
#3.. Amputated limbs... and Skin tones.. too bright, and color is off.

Looks like you used Pattern metering mode.. it is seeing all the green grass, and throwing the colors off. Spot metering can be more accurate if you Sony can do that. Auto White Balance will never be as accurate as a properly set manual WB.

You have "No Editing" on in your profile.. so we can't SHOW you what you could do...

Exif on #3

PhotoME version: 0.79R17 (Build 856)

URL: http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/...hy/46270d1369801318-mom-her-boys-dsc04367.jpg
File type: JPEG
File size: 1,798.1 KB
Creation date: 4/27/2013 15:06
Last modification: 5/29/2013 08:20
Make: SONY (Sony USA - Consumer Electronics Products, Movies, Music, Games and Services)
Camera: SLT-A55V
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.0 Windows
Dimension: 4912 x 3264 px (16 MP, 3:2)
Focal length: 40 mm (equiv. 60 mm)
Aperture: F5
Exposure time: 1/160" (+0.7 EV)
ISO speed rating: 100/21°
Program: Aperture priority
Metering Mode: Pattern
White Balance: Auto
Flash: Flash fired, compulsory flash mode
Location: approx. 2.7 km Northwest of West Lowville (near Lowville), Lewis County, New York, United States, North America, Earth
Location: approx. 2.7 km Northwest of West Lowville (near Lowville), Lewis County, New York, United States, North America, Earth

Well that's certainly helpful. Actually, the first time I learned about EXIF data was from a lawyer who works with the Missing and Exploited Children; he was telling me how they use it to track down the bad guys.
I'd like to see all of the balloon cluster in 1. I don't mind chopped mom, but hopefully you got some with her as well of that pose. 3 is cute.. I know that must have been a shot you had to work for. lol The WB is definitely off in all 3 though as already mentioned.

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