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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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I took this shot yesterday afternoon of my son & his grlfreind by lake Ontario with the CN tower in the back ground.
55mm 1/80s-F/8

I noticed after, that i had cut off a small section of my Sons toes.in the second shot..but i would like to ask how this photo could be better? I have not altered either in any way except i cropped the second one by removing some of the lake.out

The softer open shade in the second picture is better lighting for your subjects,and eliminates the deep,dark shadow that your son's hat caused when they were posed in the sunshine. So, keep that in mind--open shade allows people to open their eyes,and not squint, and keeps harsh shadows from happening. That said, popping up the on-camera flash unit in shot #2 would have added some eye-sparkle to their eyes. Just a tiny,tiny bit of flash would have helped, even something like a manual power, 1/16 power flash pop would have added sparkle (in the form of catchlights) to their eyes, and would not have affected the rendering of the ambient light at all.

Also, the white balance looks a bit cool in the shaded shot--most noticeable on the woman's skin coloration by way of comparison with shot #1, where she appears to have a nice tan. The shaded shot looks a bit too cold on white balance: did you adjust the WB in-camera to the Shade setting? That would be a good idea.

I hope these tips help. Keep shooting. Keep working at things.
Hi Derrel,
Honestly i have never even thought about useing my flash in day light. This is exactly what i mean by so much too learn. No i did not change the white balance when i took these shots. Looking at them i see what u mean and untill u mentioned it i never even realised how much of rickys face is shaded by his hat in that 1st shot.

I really do appreciate all this feed back. This is why i joined so i can learn. I love to take poto's allways have but boy ohh boy do i ever have alot too learn.:er:

Thank you so much again Derrel.

Thank you Danfinephotgraphy...

WOW! thats a really long name....:D

I will take a look at the original when i get back. I just popped home quickly to get a hot drink before i head out too try some moon shots over the lake again.....
Fingers & toes crossed...:lol:
Try to avoid mergers when shooting people. Obviously that's not ALWAYS the case, but in #1 it would have looked better if the city wasn't directly behind them, but set off to the right side a bit.
Yeah that kinda bugged me a little after i looked at it. It looks like Jackie has the CN tower sprouting out the top of her head....:D

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