A new one of my son with the 50mm f/1.4


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Mar 11, 2009
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CC welcome. Thanks!
Ok, I noticed you allowed editing of your images so I downloaded the picture and made notes of what was off. I hope you don't mind. :)

#1: The left side in the image has this grayscale tone to it. It's like the saturation was decreased to the point where color and grayscale share a common bounder. Not as good as a tint effect, but about there. Any idea what caused it?

#2: The top of your son's hair. If you had captured that much of his hair, why chop off the remaining in your crop? Personally I think the hair came out great and really shows the tones of his hair.

#3: The middle of the face is a bit overexposed. It washed out the details such as freckles, eyebrows, eye color, etc.

#4: The shirt's neck area. Left side is more focused than the right side. The camera had it focused there, why though? The main subject is your son's portrait, right?

#5: Right side of face isn't equally exposed and blurry. A perfect portrait in my opinion focuses on the entirety of the subject's head and not just their face.

#6: I just noticed the image has a dark vignette, was that intentional?

Do you use any editing programs such as Corel or Photoshop?

Overall this is a great picture, Jennifer. How old is he?


Hey thanks! He's 7. Actually, that isn't a crop. I got the lens out of the package and shot the first thing I saw, which was him coming in from school. And not very well, I guess, since I chopped off his head. :)

It's a brand new lens for me, so I'm learning the ins and outs of it, but every day, I'm learning and improving. I do use photoshop to edit, so maybe I overshot the exposure fix a tad. And yeah, I added the vignette to separate him a little more from the background. As for the blurry side of the face, I see it now. I think I was just so happy the lens arrived that I wasn't paying attention to the details. And the subject doesn't sit still for long.... I think I shot that at f/1.4 (because I COULD!!!) do I was probably off slightly on the angle, is my guess.

Thanks for the input!!!! :)
Oh okay. As they say, "practice is perfect!"

Overtime you'll end up taking better shots. However, that's only so if you put in the honest effort to improve your shots. The shot itself isn't bad, there's something special about it. I'm inclined to say it has a warm tone to it. The golden locks of hair add to the feeling.

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