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Aug 10, 2005
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Do you like movies as much if not more than you like photography?

Is it just me?

I've always wanted to apply what I know to movie making and if given the chance I would jump at any opportunity to make movies. Is this just a personal thing? Or do photographers have a natural ability to see photography in motion?

Just curious, at work and bored.
I have always been intrigued by movies and for a year or so I followed that path, hoping to become involved with movies in some way. Especially in music...I love seeing how music (my first love) is integrated with photography (my mistress).
Good question Bace.....Personally I worked with motion picture production, cinematography, video and audio/visual production before I ever worked with a still camera. Loved it and sometimes it's complicated for me to watch a movie.....I find continuity problems or kinda piece it apart and evaluate certain aspects of it rather than just sit there and enjoy it. Funny I do that at live performances as well.......pick apart the set etc. I'm getting better though......It's not that I am critical it's just that I am looking at it in a different way than most veiwers.
last time when i got an digicam i switched to it from camera but then the difficulty in modifying it on PC and the usage of tape made me switch back to digital camera...
I appreciate films which are shot and composed well much more now that my photography is getting a bit better! I still don't necessarily want to produce video and it's a whole new world of technical stuff to master.

I love watching movies, and take them as they're presented.

But do I like the video production aspect of it better than still photography? I don't believe so.

Too many times I will catch myself looking at a scene onscreen - a landscape, a street scene, an actress in perfect lighting - and I just want madly to BE there, right there, so I can tell everyone on the set, "Move back!" and set up the tripod and catch the scene.....

....is that weird? :blushing: :lol:
I've been wanting to make something really badly for the last five years. I need someone to actually write something good. Something I can actually back 100%. I've seen a few people I know make some films and they were crap, but they were poorly written, and poorly produced. I think I could produce it really well, but there's no point if it's a stupid story.
I'm a huge film fan and def look for well shot films.... kubrik is a good example for me... he just knows how to get the most out of a shot and his panning was second to none IMO. I made a few short films in art college... and it's a good thing to start with a short if you want to get into it. but i agree there's so much ****e out there, it makes you wonder what you could achieve if only you got funding and a decent story together.... there's a few sites which showcase short films and is good for inspiration....but i cant remeber what they're called right now. Do a search if you wanna check out some people work :)
I, too, see "moving photos", but not in the cinematic sense that you do. I find this great beauty in simple movent of perspective, the convergance of lines, things like that. It's kind of the video equivalent of Abstract photography, I guess.
I love movies. I made them (amaturally) for about 3 years, and then dicided to goto school for film. Unfortuanatly i didn't get in 2 years in a row (they excepted 25 people from well over 600 applications), but i never stopped loving making movies.

Just prior to purcahsing my digital camera I was contemplating buying a video camera. Then it occured to me that until i have some kind of financial backing, or a large group of friends willing to act for free, it just didn't make sence to get into video just yet. But I indent on getting into it again someday.
I do. I sometimes do the job for local tv as camera operator.. and I love it... but pure photography is ... my life... and movies... are only an addition... and addiction as well :)

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