a sign in the sky!

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by captain-spanky, Jun 4, 2004.

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    lol ... waiting for the garage to open so i could get my camper fixed the other day. Had to be there at some stupid time like 8am or something.. i didn't know there's 2 8 o'clock's in the day!! ;) Anyway.. I'm gonna have to do more early mornings cos the light was brilliant!!! 8) Managed to snap this on my crappy digital.. and here it is with NO adjustment apart from the frame!


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    Well, WHAT a sky!
    When was the sky as cloudless and blue over in "the mighty Yorkshireland"? Ours was as blue yesterday - and since all our weather comes from the west, you may have had it two or three days ago (?).

    I'm a huge fan of colour photography with very few colours only, those quite strong, however. Like lots of earth colours and one shiny speck of green, for example, or - to get back to this one: lots of blue sky and this shiny red and white of the sign. Does it say something like "exhaust pipes" or so?

    Must I say that I like your picture?
    Personally, however, I'd crop out SOME of the sky on top, leaving only as much sky in the top lefthand corner as there is room where the sign "leaves the photo" in the bottom righthand corner... but that's just me.

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