A Simple Mallard Portrait


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Dec 8, 2005
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West London, UK
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I finally got to go out for the first time with my new 200-400 VR a couple of says ago (curses to the rain we have been having lately!).

My favourite picture of the day actually turned out to be this simple Mallard portrait. I wanted to see how close the lens would focus and was surprised to find its VERY close so lots of frame filling close ups are possible.

I know ducks are not the most inspiring of birds and portraits get a little boring sometimes but theres something about this that I really like.

As far as the lens goes, I was VERY impressed with it. Amazingly sharp even wide open at max zoom! As you can see in this shot - the high res file even holds up to %100 magnification and is still sharp as you like!

D200, 200-400 VR at 400mm, 1/160 second at f4 resting on a small beanbag, ISO 200

good stuff.... thats a great setup your using, remember too that for smaller birds you can crop into the photo and still maintain a good resolution :)

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