A Tired Old Silo


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Jul 21, 2013
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New Jersey
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I was able to get out last night and shoot with my new Tokina 11-16mm on a Nikon D3100. These two are the shots that I enjoyed the most. There's definitely room for improvement, so c&c is welcomed.

These were captured around 9:30pm, with a full moon behind some clouds.


f/2.8 @ 30s ISO200


f/2.8 @ 20s ISO400
Sorry, but I don't care for the composition at all. It's a little too abstract for my liking. I don't know what the subject is.
I am quite surprised at the DoF that you obtained at 2.8. (I'm at work, can't check the EXIF)
Though a little underexposed, I do like the exposure. I do see some potential here, IMO.
Keep shootin'
Thanks for the input! Both images were captured at 11mm, which may explain how I achieved the DoF. When I get back to an actual computer later ill post a picture of the entire structure :)
Nice shot. It seems these silos provide great outlets for ivy to express itself...

Here's a picture of the entire structure I was shooting. This was shot as a full moon was rising. f/2.8 10s ISO200. Shot at 11mm.
I like that a lot, in my opinion that is the best one youve posted. I just noticed your from NJ, where in the state are you from? Maybe we could shoot together sometime and share pointers.
Thank you! I'll have a few more shots to post up soon from a recent trip to Palisades Interstate Park. Hopefully those will turn out just as good!

I'm from Brick, but during the school year I'm down in Absecon attending Stockton.

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