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Nov 12, 2007
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I am purchasing my first DSLR and am set on the Rebel Xti. I have been looking at the KITs on ebay (between $800-1500) which is a good price for me. I would like to know if anyone can please tell me everything that is needed to start shooting... i.e. flash, memory card, lenses...

I don't want to get the "KIT" and then have to go out and spend mopre on something that I should have made sure my "KIT" had in the first place..... Please help.

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Take note that many places list a 'kit' that includes the camera & a lens...and a bunch of other stuff that is either junk or just over priced to make up for the deal that you are getting on the camera. Sometimes it's better to buy stuff in a 'kit'...sometimes not.

You will need the camera and a lens. The typical 'kit lens' is the 18-55mm...it's cheap, and good for the price...but it's far from great. The camera should come with a battery and charger, all the cables etc. You will need a CF memory card. You won't necessarily need a flash but if you plan to shoot with flash (indoors etc) then I'd suggest buying an accessory flash, rather than using the built-in flash. The 430EX would be a good flash for that camera.

You might want a camera bag and maybe a tripod.
Do NOT get the ebay kits. They're junk. I know a guy who got one...came with all kinds of "nifty goodies"...which all turned out to be useless...and the lenses...don't even get me started...lol.

Buy the body from a site like bhphotovideo.com and pick a lens you like (such as a 50mm 1.8....great starter)

Other than what comes with the camera in the box...and the lens...you will need a memory card. That's it.
This is what I got when I first started. Camera, 18-55m, (another lens i forgot crap), camera bag is a must, and a tripod.

I'd recomind getting those things.
I second most of that. eBay seems to be a bit of a trap lately for junk from commercial dealers that don't make a name. I'd stick with Adorama or Amazon, or Adorama via Amazon! (Companies I trust and like)

$800-$1500 is a big budget for a first camera and the $1500 might be a bit much until you know what YOU want. I wouldn't spend it all at once.

Buying a first dSLR I think the 400d with the 18-55 kit lens for $650ish is good enough to see you right. I started out with the 350d and this lens and while it doesn't meet all the super dooper high standards of the pros you will definately take some lovely snaps with it as you get to know your camera. It's enough for you to learn about depth of field and shutter speed etc.

You'll need a memory card of about 2mb in size but buy a fast card mark III card of better for a few dollars more otherwise it'll slow the camera down when saving the images.
Another super accessory that you're sure to need is a good book to put you on the fast track to understanding all the new knobs.
A small bag to keep all your bits as you collect them.
A blower and a cloth to clean your lens.
A mini tripod.

I reckon they're the things you need. Anything else you'll decide for yourself along the way.
mm well i've used mine like 3 weeks or so, and if i could go back in time
i will purchase only the body, and spend at least 300$ on another lens , maybe. You can see what i have know on my sig.

1.You need a cf card , buy at least 4gb if you'll shoot raw.

2. A big bag. (because equipment will grow)

3. A tripod, is nice if you don't have an IS lens
I don't know if the battery grip would be necessary since i don't have it
But i'll consider it.
maybe a card reader, a fast one.

hope this help.
mm well i've used mine like 3 weeks or so, and if i could go back in time
i will purchase only the body, and spend at least 300$ on another lens

I think the 18-55 will also make it easier to re-sell. It's a beginners setup and as such it's good to have a lens thrown in. Don't you think?
i know everyone might jump me for this but check out bestbuy or circuit city for the camera. I got my XTi body only for 599.99 after all said and done i paid 704 for the camera, taxes and a 5 year accidental damage warrenty for it. only down side of that is that bestbuy had to order the body for me since they do not normall stock it in store near me. but i could not pass that up, even the girl working there told me about the warrenty. she said in year 4 to drop it down the stairs and bring it back in. if they cant fix it i will get a new one.... 4 years from now just think what you can get for a camera, full frame for the same price maybe.
truthfully i couldn't be happier with my choice to go with ebay. I got the body, 18-55mm canon lens, an extra battery, 4gb compact flash a cleaning kit and a small bad (useless) and a small table top tripod (useful for smaller camera) for cheap.. an extra battery is around 40 and a 4gb can run you 100$ (cheap). Just make sure you understand in most cases its factory refurbished and shop carefully.

The kit lens may be enough for you depending on what you want to do and the kit is good if you have a set amount you want to spend now and then spend some more later (on a another lens). I think you should start out and then see what you need as you start using it that way you dont end up with a telephoto lens that you use once because you realize that the kit is suitable.

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