Added a little more magic bird dust to pile today.


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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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A few weeks ago Melissa Groo contacted me and wanted to come shoot Osprey with me. In case you don't know her name, she just happened to win the Audubon Magazine Contest grand prize with her Great Egret in full breeding plumage. Anyways, if you haven't checked out her amazing images, here is her website. Melissa Groo | Wildlife Photography There are so many amazing images that we can all learn and become inspired from...

We actually had a really great time and didn't spend much of it talking about shop. She is a very pleasant, humble lady that seemed to appreciate my sassy sarcastic humor. However at one point on Thursday morning during one of the many lulls we started talking about our cameras a little. Her backup is a Canon 1D Mark IV and she was curious about my 7d Mark II so we swapped for a little while. I told her about the crazy deal at B&H right now and before I really knew what hit me, she had ordered a 7D Mark II and I bought her very well loved 1D Mark IV. I'm pretty sure she still had some magic bird dust on the camera.. The Ospreys didn't cooperate very much over the 3 days, but figured I would share a few images from my new camera.. These were all at least 250 feet and the Osprey was probably a bit more.

I thought the overall IQ was pretty spot on with colors and contrast. Especially considering these are with the 1.4x and wide open. Thanks for looking and reading my little story.. Comments welcome..

Osprey 9_3 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Great Blue Heron 9_4 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Great Blue Heron 9_4 2 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr
I'd say the magic bird dust has just doubled on that 1D Mark IV.
Excellent captures - well taken.
I'm convinced that you could figure out how to make a telephoto pin hole camera and capture great bird shots with it. Nice work #2 is amazing.
I get jealous just seeing a post, I dont even have to open it. But I do and am rewarded yet again by wonderful images. Amazing.
Nice! Melissa's work is very good, that's cool you met up with her. Congrats on the new (to you) body
Wonderful! The story and the photos. especially #2.
Ok, so you we're out shooting with a famous photographer and as usual you come back with a boatload of top notch bird shots.

But. No chipmunk?

Lol. Seriously though, fantastic stuff as always. Must have been a once in a lifetime experience. Congrats

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Kris, great images. Just goes to show us that it doesn't really matter what the gear is, its the guy behind the gear.

I am beginning to think that you could probably package the "magic bird dust" and sell it. :biggrin-93:

Wasn't sure if the GBH was trying to threaten the gull in #3.


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