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Addons and plugin choices


hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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I am currently looking at purchasing some plugins for editing and am after any advice as to possible alternative products and also any experinces of users on the site.
At the moment I only have access to photoshop elements 6 for editing, which does limit what I can do - I already use the following free plugins to help me get more out of my software:
curves editing tool

and I am currently looking at the following two addons for purchase:
a false HDR editing tool used to generate HRD images out of single exposures. I have used a demo version of this and so far its been good for what it produces - though it is a little fiddly to get used to
example of edited shot: example
However a point of confusion is that the same comapany also makes a (similar) true HDR editing addon:
dynamic photo HDRi
which also offers single file (false) HDR as well as multiple photo (true) HDR pocessing support. Interestingly both programs are also sold in a bundle deal with each other, but I can't work out why you would need the former when the latter appears to do the same and more

Neat Image
For noise removal. So far I use this (the demo) rarely since I have to use it outside of photoshop elements (since the plugin feature on the demo limits what is possible with the shot) however as a part of the program I think it would certainly see more use since I do use normal noise removal as standard.
This product comes in different packages and at the moment I am looking at the Pro + edition
purchase options
Even though the additional features (16bit editing and action support) are not really that applicable to elements editing (since 16bit is only sparingly supported and thus my work is done (for simplicity) in 8bit -- and actions are not present) it is future proofing the purchase should I make the move to full photoshop.
I know that there are some other programs like this on the market (Noise Ninja comes to mind) but from what I have seen I don't think one is above the other in editing abilty.

I would be gratefull for any input into these programs (or similar ones).
bump - anyone got any input?
For purchase:

Noiseware Professional
Nik Filters

hmm why noiseware pro over neat image?

Is portraiture worth getting for someone who does very little to no portrate work (I assume its geared towards people rather than animals or bug portrates)

Viveza I have not heard of and I have only heard briefly of Nik Filters (from what I gather its an advanced filter editing program for recreating filter effects - but from what I understand of things filters like an ND Grad or a polarizer can't be recreated in editing - if you have blown out your sky or underexposed your ground your stuck with that result -- unless you go into replacing bits from other photos)
I used Neat mage a long time ago and it certainly did not register with me as a memorable or great program. I do not remember why.

Noiseware Professional has a considerable number of ways to fine tune and control the degree of noise reduction and can do a little sharpening at the same time. It will also provide a noise profile for the image which is useful in deciding whether to use high or low frequency noise reduction, and what degree of noise reduction is required.

Portraiture only for people shots. This kind of program speeds up the selective touching up that would be necessary in photoshop. There are other programs that do the same. This one can be used as either a standalone or plugin.

Viveza selects by simply clicking the mouse on part of the image which also opens up a multiple bar with sliders for brightness, saturation, colour, contrast, and several other areas which can be used to modify the selected area. It is way faster than Photoshop and is perfect for trying to brighten and improve detail in a very odd and irregular shaped area. I found it extremely fast for bringing back faces that were partially shaded in bright sunlight.

Nik does very well with the polarizing filter. It does improve the sky like the on-camera variety but that assumes that your sky in the photo is within a correctable range. A completely blown sky cannot be resurected.
A graduated ND filter can also be recreated in editing but again within a correctable range. I use a lot of the filters for speed. A several step process of corrections in Photoshop can be done in very few steps using a filter. A sunlight filter for example can quickly warm a cool cloudy day photo and look natural in a couple of clicks.

i got a copy of Exposure a couple days ago, but i havent played around with it yet.
seems pretty cool though.
thanks for the input - I think neat image also has a profiling feature - but with the noise removal software its tricky to pin down a best - there is also noise ninja as well as a few others I think, in the market.

Portaiture sounds like a waste of an investment for me at this point in time - I think th only time I would need it was if I were to move into portrate photography (for people that is ;))

Viveza sounds interesting and certainly one gets a lot of strange shapes in nature - plus darkening on one side of a face is not all that uncommon (since most animals don't walk right into the sun if they can help it)

Nik also sounds interesting - especailly if it speeds things up!
I forgot to mention that software filters such as the ones from Nik or Tiffen can be used selectively on only part of the photo, which is not possible with the on-camera variety.


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