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Feb 23, 2009
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Orrick, MO. USA
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Hello! I'm new to the forum, and recently decided to switch from Nikon back to Canon. I always had Canon film cameras, but when I switched to digital, I dabbled in Nikon. I loved the Nikon, but there's something about Canon that brought me back.

Sooo, today I got a great deal on a used Canon 20D, and I have always loved these cameras, so I had to do it.

Unfortunately I sold all my Canon glass after the switch, and have a bunch of Nikon glass. I have had several people tell me, to just pick up some adapters to fit Nikon lenses on the EOS bodies. I have never used one of these and have no idea if they work well, or if it affects quality at all. Also, does this work for all Nikon glass, or just specific models? Would work for the AF-S lenses as well?

Anyone with any experience with these, please let me know if it's advisable or beneficial to be able to interchange the lenses.
Welcome to the forum.

There are adapters available and they do work. For example, the move 'The Corpse Bride' was film (stop motion) entirely with Canon 1 series DSLR cameras and Nikon lenses...simply because Canon had the best cameras at the time and they already had the Nikon lenses.

However, you will not be able to auto focus the lenses and I'm wondering if the auto exposure will work or not. The lenses would probably need to have manual aperture adjustment as well. So to make a long story's probably not worth it unless you have some really great Nikon glass and/or OK will doing things manually.
Thanks for the info!

Those were some of the things I was afraid of. I don't mind working in manual in a lot of circumstances, but some, I'm afraid I'd want auto-focus. I had heard back and forth that the adapters allowed for some auto features, and some someone said they did not. I was hoping to get some definitive answers from someone who had maybe tried them out.

Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback, it confirmed my worries about trying to use the Nikon glass I have.

Maybe someone else will come along with more ideas, but it looks like it's time to go buy some used canon lenses!
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