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Jun 8, 2007
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I have 2 questions.....

1. I took pics a few months ago for a client and her ex-father-in-law saw them on my web page. He wants to order some of his grandson. The client does not want me to sell to him. What would others do in this situation?

2. The mother of the same client recently ordered some more Christmas cards from me. Let me mention that this client is somewhat of a friend....well, a friend of a friend, so I have tried very hard to please them in every way. The ordered around $250s worth about 3 weeks ago and I took them to her, because I was in the area. I don't do this for everyone. I guess she thought that delivering the pics was a part of my service, but it isn't. How many others deliver.....when I say deliver I mean pick up money drop off pics etc...? She wanted me to bring them to her today.....30min out of my way. I told her that I wouldn't be in the area today or the rest of the week for that matter. I offered to meet her closer to my home and she basically said keep them. What do you do?
i don't deliver unless its convenient to me.

i would not sell the picks to grandad without the mothers permission

don't get involved with family feuds
i agree with Jols. If i happen to be in the area I will deliver myself but I have had others come to me as well.

And for the granddad I would say I can not sell them without the mothers written consent since she paid for the session and of course its her child.
Time to stow that southern hospitality and not let people take advantage of you. Though it would be nice to have another sale, sometimes NO is the best decision one can make in business, especially when the client is being childish.

I'd agree with all the above - the client needs to give permission for others to order, whether it's her ex-father-in-law, or her sister. Don't get involved in any family 'issues' for sure. Go with the fact that it was her paid session and she has first rights (for lack of a better phrase, but you get the idea).

As for delivering prints - I delivered on my first (and only, so far) wedding, to be sure they were pleased with the product. Otherwise, for my ordering process, I add the cost of S&H to the order, and it is itemized, so it's pretty much implied they'll be mailed. You might want to consider putting some sort of language in your contract (If you use contracts) or in any other literature you may give your clients so that they know what the deal is from the beginning.

It just helps to communicate more, than not enough. Sometimes it just takes situations like this to work out all those kinds of details we didn't think of the first time. :)
Thanks for the advice's just so aggravating. They really do expect me to bring the cards to them. I explained that I don't normally do it and that I would if I was planning to be in the area, but I'm not. It's the holidays and I'm busy as well. They don't want to meet in my area. I don't know what to do at this point.
I include $4 shipping and handling fee on my order form for all my print orders...
And I agree with what everyone else said.
i am considering delivering final orders to clients as of next year. at present they come to me for the pre-consultation, then the shoot, then the viewing and then the pickup! i think it might be a nice gesture to start hand delivering orders - those that are in relatively close proximity to me. Not sure though!
I have really bent over backwards for them. I delivered the first and second well as their proofs. I don't feel that I should go out of my way. Her reason for not picking them up is that she has to work this week. She doesn't want to have to pay for them to be mailed to her. She wasn't happy that I charged her a little extra this order bc she only ordered 10 more cards.....Im charged extra when I dont have a min order of 20 and I also rushed them, which was extra, because she wanted them today and she didn't tell me until Thursday of last week. She is stressing me out.
I mail everything. The proofs & the reprint order. I just think it's more convenient for everyone. I would like to meet with my clients, but I hate the idea of making them come to me for everything, and that also means I'd have to keep my house more clean;) And, always be around and I'm really busy. So...I mail everything. I think it might be easier to sell bigger items and once I have samples of everything I think I may charge to mail items, but it would be free to meet with me and view proofs and order in person. We'll see if I decide to go that route though.
However, if I know a client is really in a rush and I'm going to be in their neighborhood or sometimes even if I'm not, I'll drop stuff off for them. I don't think any of my clients expect this of me though and if they did, I would definitely put a stop to those expectations:)

Sorry to hear that you can't make that sale to the Granddad, but I agree with the other posters. If she specifically asked you not to, I definitely wouldn't because she'll probably never want to use you again.
Hopefully things will smooth out for them and he can come back at a later time to buy prints.
Would it perhaps be worth it in this instance to swallow the cost your self and just over night them to her to make the customer happy?
In future perhaps include the charge for shipping in the order with the additional charge and option of overnight delivery either by you (to cover your time and gas) or post office...whatever you decide is good for you.
If you have delivered free of charge for this customer in the past you should only change your policy -to them- before any new orders. If they ordered and you agreed to deliver the product then (not just by hand) you should stand by what is normal and proper in their eyes.

If they order more, then would be the time to tell them of the new delivery practice.

I do hand deliver 'nice' orders but I charge for the time and travel.

If you don't give exemplary customer service you will never have much of a business. Even if that means bending over backwards for misunderstandings.


I guess the thing that bothers me is that I don't deliver for anyone and they know that. I did in the past only bc I was in the area and the daughter is a friend. I will not be in the area at all and I too am very busy. I already discounted the session fee, the per card price, and the entire first order by 15% for this woman......I even edited her face in a few pics upon her request....she pitched a fit when I charged her for that even thought it is on my price list and I waved it. I understand that sometimes you need to swallow your pride, but is this one of those times? Should I really let a friend run over me. I did editing work for them and didnt even charge for it. I just don't want her to think that it is okay to take advantage of me.
Honestly in this case I think I would. And I totally agree maybe you could include your policies with a friendly reminder with the order. OR send something out her stating your "new/updated" policies. It doesn't mean you can't hand deliver to someone else in the future, she doesn't need to know about what you do on your own time.
I think customer service is so so important but you do also have to make a stand in whatever way you find that to be appropriate. If she is a grabby friend/customer maybe in the future when she wants to schedule a session with you you should tell her your booked up ;)

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