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Aug 26, 2010
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Any comments on them would help. I posted this earlier but I have made adjustments. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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turn down the light on the skin. she reminds me of the guys from twilight. lol in the 2nd pic, she looks like she has to fart. jp but has a weird look on her face.
You could get in hot water with the moderators by duplicating your threads, if you're not careful. The Photo Forum - Photography Discussion Forum - FAQ

If you edit a photo, put it in the original thread, if only so people can see the continuity of your edits.

What editing software do you have available?
oops. I didn't realize. I am new to any forum. I will not do that anymore. I only have editing in my iphoto. I am just getting into photography and these pics were my first. I only have a point and shoot camera. Nikon coolpix s8000. I was going to learn a little and see if I wanted to purchase something more serious down the road.
welcome to the photography forum :) I do have to say something is off with the look on your face

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