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Nov 25, 2004
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South Africa
I was recently asked to submit a tender to the South african Post Office to take photos for their new stamp and envelope range.

With the tender I had to include 3 photos. 1 of an aids ribbon, 1 of ndebele doll and one of a composition of the two.

I decided I had to do something different than what the other guys would do.


Aids ribbon placed inside inflated condom. High Speed photo of bursting condom moments after being punctured.


Photo of Ndebele initiation doll surrounded by some detail/macro photos


Aids ribbon inside water with Ndebele dollÂ’s reflection captured in water drop.

Soooo? What do you think. Is it a bit over the top?
Wow, these are all great and I very much love the last one, the combination of the Ndebele doll and the AIDS ribbon! Your idea is very creative and the solution came out perfect! But also the first high-speed pic is ... wow! It had me look and wonder and wonder how on earth it could be done. Then I finally read what you wrote underneath...

For a stamp, though, I'd probably go for your Ndebele doll collage. That would make a very colourful stamp and I'd certainly go and buy THAT for a nice airmail letter to someone who appreciates nice stamps (like myself ;)).
I think you've paid respect very well :thumbup:

I agree with Corinna, #1 is very interesting and original, but I think that the second one is best suited for a stamp.

That 'winking' cow caught me off guard :lol:
Oh my! Only now that you are mentioning it, Woody, am I seeing that "winking cow" ... in the avatar! Whoo!
thanx guys. The submitted photos wil not go on a stamp. They needed something to judge the photographers on. ie composition, creativety etc.

glad you like my cow!
WOW! That third picture has to be one of the most creative and well executed shots I've ever seen, congratulations!

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