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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Cuervo79, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Hi, I know there was a thread of this already, but I did not find exactly what I'm looking for.
    Here's the deal:

    My subscription to American photo just ended, and because of false advertising in their subscription page, I don't want to renew with them.
    I want to know what photography magazine do you recomend for the following:
    What I am really interested is on interviews and articles on photographers, 12 volumes a year, and some talk about gear.
    Mostly I'm interested in the photographers themselves than what the new EOS 1D mark 2 makes... I liked American photo, but it lacked articles to read, and being that its bi monthly I got a bit tired of reading over and over the same mag for 2 months.
    Also that you can subscribe via internet, since the mail sucks around here.

    cheers... :mrgreen:

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    What your looking for isn't really out there. Most are bi-monthly at best. The two that maybe fits the bill the best is:

    Lenswork(and their lenswork extended cd)
    B&W magazine(US version)

    Camera Arts
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    mmmm too bad :(

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