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Feb 1, 2004
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This photo is not recent. I took it last year in June in my friend's garden.

I have used this photo for various tests on different things.
Semi-original (normal PS work done to it, i.e. levels and a bit of USM):


Then a "dreamified" version with a duplicate layer in screen-mode


And a bit of "RAW-file"-HDR ... and I was quite surprised at the 3-D effect the photo took up like that:


I don't know how interested any of you is in these, I've had them for long and could never really make up my mind to post them, but today I did.
Perfect timing on posting these, it's gray & dreary here so your flashback to summer is a nice perk.

Really neat to see the different ways your photo can be interpreted with different PP. Personally prefer the dreamified version - it gives a very tranquil feel and the flowers the most delicate in this one.
^^^ I agree, it's great to see these shots, given the cold, grey and windy weather we've been having here. And poppies make for such pretty pics, with those flashes of bright red colour. I'm having a tough time picking a favourite version, though. Thanks for (finally) sharing these.
I really like the way that the HDR image came out, makes it pop!

Its not all dark and dreary down here, but still great shots! :)
Well, I can sure do with a good dose of colours, maybe that is why I finally decided to post these (the HDR on these poppies was among the first one-RAW-file-HDRs I ever tried to do) - and I am glad if I can thus make some of you happy to see these, too.

Thank you all for having taken a look and for giving me your comment :boogie: - they all make me happy now!
I love the "dreamified" picture.

it looks......well....dreamy! :mrgreen:
Hey, Honeybee, now you DID come and comment, thank you for this! :D "Dreamy" can be nice with backlit flowers ... but I feel that those effects should never be overdone or applied too often ... well, I did all the pp work on these many months ago, like I was saying earlier...
I have never used the screen mode before. I just tried it on one of my images. Very interesting! I love learning something new.
Well, I have to say thanks to Lostprophet for teaching me! :D This is TPF for you! Everyone can learn from everyone else :mrgreen:
I prefer the 2nd version ;)
I like the second version better. It looks warmer for some reason, and it has a dream like quality to it. :D

As i sit here and shiver in my room that is currently 57 degrees F.

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