Airport At Night


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Nov 4, 2006
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The shots of the planes on the runway were taken through the double pane glass windows, balanced on the ledge with a thirty sec shutter, also the light streaks was shot the same way through the window.

The other one was shot with a 15 sec shutter balanced on the edge of the baggage claim thingy.

Iso was 100 and the lens was a holga made for a canon rebel xt




Love the first one !
I like these, the holga effect is very interesting and I'm curious about the lens for your canon....I'm assuming it's different from a lensbaby.

I usually use my real holgas more than my digital lately but, heres the deal, the holga lens can be purchased for almost any digital camera and you can find them at

they are cheap and work great, in my opinion. they have a fixed apature of around f10-f16. Its a big gap but it a real holga lens and thats what you get, something thats unknown.

You also have to shoot in Manual mode for the best results. you fucus it like you would on a real holga, manually and even at that its not really in focus.

Below is how it looks in color. I did saturate the colors a bit, too, in ps.


I hope this answers your questions, if you have any more I'll do my best. Lastly, I am in no way associated with I'm just a very happy customer.

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