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Jun 19, 2009
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In your dreams!
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Ok all you alcoholics out there, it's time for a
I want to know what you have in the refrigerator right now!! What wine?.....What beer?.....What kinda liquor do you have in the freezer!! :lol: Or maybe you have a drink in your
Tell me I want to know!!!
Hell give me a recipe for your favorite drink if you want!!

Right now in the fridge I have....
and Spaten

Oh and a shaker of Painkillers!!


  • 2 fluid ounces canned orange juice
  • 6 fluid ounces canned pineapple juice
  • cream of coco
  • 3 oz Myer's Rum
  • freshly grated nutmeg

I've actually had the painkiller before. I don't remember at what occasion though...

Tonight I went out and had a Hornitos Margarita at a Mexican place in town, as well as a Shipyard Export.

My favorite drink during the summer time (I don't have one for winter...) is Lemonade, Kentucky Bourbon (Jim Beam works) and a tablespoon of maple syrup.

It's called Vermontucky Lemonade.
^^^ Yum Tyler...I'm going to have to try that!! I love lemonade!!
lol, I'll play.

I'm currently drinking a Manhatten, so obviously I have some Gibsons Siver with vermooth.

In the cabinet we have:
- Black Cherry Vodka
- Baileys
- Appleton Rhum
- Bombay Dry Gin
- Some ice wine
- Molly Duker's Boxer Wine: A very nice Shiraz

In the fridge:
- Big Rock - Grasshopper (really good local beer)
I was just drinking some Hennessey while cooking dinner.

And now I'm drinking water because this Thai curry is hot :)
if something's hot, milk is more effective than water.

Right now, all i've go in my fridge is some baking soda, a couple containers of yogurt, and a bunch of film
If you use two or three whole nutmegs... then we're talking!

If i want to drink like a boozer, I usually just buy a bottle of cheap whineo wine or three.

Five years ago, there would have been all sorts of things in our freezer ... not just booze.
I want to know what you have in the refrigerator right now!! What wine?

You keep the wine in the fridge!!!???

I have a bottle of merlot and one of pinot grigio on the counter and two bottles of Troeg's in the fridge - I forget which types, they're from a mixed case. You must know Troeg's - they're out there in S. central Pa.
Mount Gay Rum (and coke!) :)
Baileys Irish Cream (straight.. no ice!)
Cuervo Gold, Roses Lime, salt, etc...
Funny thing is, until about two months ago, there was NO alcohol in my house. For over 21 years. Then my oldest son turned 21 in December, legal drinking age.
So, after about a 22-year-hiatus (including pregnancy), I've been enjoying some libations now and then. Not really much of a drinker, anyway, but there are some things I enjoy, every once in a while.
In my fridge right now:
Almost empty bottle of White Zinfandel
Makings for margaritas. My favorite mixed drink.
Pecan Nut Beer. It's not bad, left over from when my son was here at Christmas. I'm not much of a beer drinker, at all.
Guinness Stout. Because that's not beer, it's Guinness. :lol:
And a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme.

And seeing as how tomorrow I have to attend the second funeral in a week (not relatives, but two of the sweet, sweet old ladies I teach Sunday School to), I think I'll go polish off that bottle of wine now. ;)
Shiner Bock and more Bud Ice (in bottles this time), lol.
Hi group, I'm Overread and I'm an addict

I didn't start out that bad, to be honest it was just the odd one here and there and never anything serious. I mean at first it was just something new, something to fill the empty bored space in my life. However as, as time went on I found the need growing stronger. I found I was taking more and more, not just one here and there I might do a whole 5 or 6 in a row!

Then I spent my full first day at it - that was - amazing! I think it was my first real binge and -- well since then I've not looked back - the thrill - the buzz - the tingly feelings!

Well - since then I've rather been the addict I guess.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one any more; its great to finally connect to other macro addicts!





...... I'm in the wrong room aren't I

nawt in my fridge - I think I have a bottle of Bailies somewhere around here, but at my rate of drinking it will probably end up a very very old bottle by the time its finished.

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