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Jul 25, 2008
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I have the Nikon D90, with the 70-300mm and 28-80mm lenses. I really like macro photography, and I would like to get as close as possible to achieving this with my current lenses as macro lenses are a tad out of my budget right now. I know they have filters that can do this, how do they work? Anything else that can get closer to Macro without actually owning the Macro lens?

I cant use extension tubes. I dont have a Nikon D lens. Forgot to add that.

Raynox make a series of macro diopters/lens attachmets/filters which are pretty high quality and don't cost a huge amount. I have used a DCR-250 myself and find it to be a very good bit of glass that they use (surprising considering the price and the fact that they aim at the compact camera market more).
Give them a google and see what you think.
The cheapie extension on ebay don't have the electrical contacts. They really are just a set of metal tubes. Would have to do everything in manual (focusing, metering, exposure...). It does require the lens to have the manual aperture ring adjustment.

The tubes are like $10-20, would be fun to just trying it out.

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