American LeMans Series - Petit LeMans


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Oct 5, 2010
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I went to the 2011 Petit LeMans last weekend - here's some shots I got. This is the first time that I have done race photography ~ feel free to judge as harshly as you feel. I am 15 years old~

These are just a few shots - let me know if you want to see more.
Do you give lessons those are good shots
Well, considering I don't really have a technique and this is my first ever time photographing moving a Panasonic Lumix? That's the best advice i can give lol they are great cameras - I do know to make sure to keep panning after you hit the button, though, because a lot goes on after you press the shutter
Loads of noise reduction applied by the camera just kills the details...the red car is shot #1 looks like it was painted.
Actually, I did photoshop 'em a bit to make them look like that- I'll post the originals
Im not a professional by any means, but the one thing ive learned in my photo classes and what not, is try to show a little more dynamics in your shot, in other words try to tell a story. if i didnt know what the lemans was or the classes of cars, i would think that it was just track day or something. I do very much like the top lmp1 audi, in my mind your best shot out of the lot. Very good work though. Keep practicing :D

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