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May 24, 2013
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Hi this is a shot that I took of my significant other as she was swinging on these musical swings in downtown montreal. I personally love this shot, but then again I always love shots of my S.O. as I am obviously biased :lol: I was wondering if this shot objectively had universal appeal and thus I have posted it here :lol: Any critiques on the composition and editing would be much appreciated :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
I personally like it. I'd crop out little dude on the right. It could use something in PP but I can't put my finger on what's missing to me.
ah yes duly noted about cropping the guy out, can you give me some hints as to what you feel is missing in PP???
I'd think about the background, my eyes seem to be drawn to those double doors across the street. You could next time play around with different vantage points, move around til you get the background you want - maybe not the doors but more of the trees in the distance to the right? You might try making copies and try some different cropped versions.

At first I thought this was sepia but there's some yellow in the pole near the doors, and some magenta in the seat of the swing - maybe it would work better all sepia?

I like that you caught her swinging forward with her hair moving. Capturing action and movement can be about timing. You could spend some time watching and noticing when she swings a certain way and when there's a good moment to release the shutter - it might be as she swings forward and just before she swings back, when there's a pause for an instant (which could be about when you captured this). Keep having fun with it.
I did a little work on the neutral yellows to increase their density a bit but didn't want to get too carried away. I also did some distortion control and mover her more to the center of interest and dumped the extraneous people off to the right. Lastly, a little bit of selective sharpening to emphasize her hair and dress.

And, a little more aggressive toward the background.

Wouldn't change a thing. You can monkey around with it and fiddle this and change that a little, but it's a fine picture as is, and minor changes are not going to make it much better.

The key is that you caught her outlined against the sunlit part of the background, almost nothing else is important about this.
Thank you all for the feedback, @ceeboy I'm digging that first edit, I think the second one is a little bit too muted in the background and makes the photo look less "happy" @vintagesnaps those are some fine points next time I'll try changing my vantage around and experimenting some more @amolitor yes thank you I think that that's what makes this picture as well, the fact that I caught her right at the junction between the shade and the light

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