And the storm rolled in ...


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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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This is what happens every time I go out with my camera :er:


yea this is effing sweet...... I dont use this guy often >:hail:
You get some great shots...

I would love to find out what you are doing post production on this pics. If they are coming strait from the camera... then... :hail:

Even if not :hail:
Thanks for the comment folks, I appreciate them :)

RoRoCo, I used the shadow/highlight tool to bring out more details in sky, then used the burn tool on the clouds to darken them, then finished off with a very slight touch of dodge on the cloud highlights to increase the cloud contrast a bit. Didn't touch the colour this time for a change. I've been setting white balance 'in the field' lately instead of doing it on the PC, finding it much easier that way.

Thanks again,

Oh no.
Leave THIS kind of weather where it is.
We've had it for weeks now (but I never got to take such a brilliant photo of it, only this_one ).
woooooooooooooooooooow what amazing green! beautiful exposure :D
love the comp
just plain awesome :)
thanks for sharing!
beautiful capture of this storm... i really like the light in the lower portion... i'll trade you a storm or two for some 113F weather... it's already starting to get unbearably hot here... :)

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