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Sep 28, 2010
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Hey all.

What a wonderful site you guys have going on here! The information and advice is a great help for a beginner like me.

I've loved photography forever. I think I got my first camera at about nine years old and have had it close by since. My Facebook friends are thrilled since I think I am the only one who consistantly documented our high school/college days. (That's not neccassarily a good thing) My husband wonders what I will ever do with 3 million shots of the kids. I have more pictures of my dog than I can count.

Anyway, my youngest is off to school fulltime now so I finally bought my first DSLR. A Canon Rebel XS. Somehow I always managed to get some awesome shots with my point and shoots and I naively thought I would just be a 'natural' in manual. hahahha!! I have a ton of learning to do and am enjoying the process. (usually, anyway)

Thanks for all of the tools you guys have put out here to help us newbs along!!

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