Another night near the oil refinery just 2 shots, windy smoke


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Dec 24, 2005
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A little more windy makes a nice pattern...


A bit too sharp imo. And the colors are bleh, not my fav. Also, did you smudge that?
the colors are always a little nuts when you shoot these.
I think I like my earlier shots better, but there was no wind.
so the clouds you see moving around are form the wind.

did I smudge what?
Did you smudge the clouds in photoshop?
why would I do that?
thats why I explained the wind. Did you read my initial post at all before you posted your question?

windy = movement for clouds.
cool shots, really must get myself over to Wales and get shots of Port Talbot steel works
Ya but there is a filter in photoshop called wind so I wasn't exactly sure what you meant. It just looks like it was smudged.
yeah I was thinking what the heck, cause I never do that in my shots. I should have been more clear, it was a windy night, makes the steam coming out of the cooling chambers go in crazy circles when it comes out, if you catch a 7-8 second exposure its just right ...

no biggie.. I actually like the older ones I did a lot more then these...
Nah it's cool, do you mind if I edit them?
go for it, knock yourself out. !!!

You must have a pretty decent tripod, wind like that for me results in camera shake on long exposures. I like these though, the smoke looks neat
I really like these two, the colour may not be the best but composition and exposure are very good. I was thinking B&W but they look better just desaturated and they are not too sharp.
I like these. I've always kinda liked that orange tungsten hue.

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